Our Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

To strengthen the quality of personal, family and community life through counselling, education, support or referral.


Vision Statement

Enriched Families Living With Vitality




We value and have consideration for ourselves and others, believing in the inherent worth of each individual. We regard each other as having equal value, worth and dignity.

We have the capacity to participate in another’s feelings or ideas, and are willing to do so. We care for each other and for each other’s needs.

We value honest, sound, genuine relationships and act accordingly. We accept responsibility for our obligations and are answerable for how we meet them.

We are committed to a process where all ideas and input are heard and considered and where decisions are made by consensus whenever possible.

We will act in a professional manner with information that is shared.

Client Centered
The intent of all that we do is for the good of the client.

Quality Improvement
We continuously strive to improve the service we provide to each other, our clients and our community.


Definition of “Family”

The Cariboo Family Enrichment Centre’s definition of family ensures that our use of the word “family” throughout our mission, vision, values, policies and procedures is understood to be inclusive of all who self-identify themselves as a family.


Family is identified as two or more people who have a commitment to care for one another and mutually define themselves as a family.



Rev. Jan 2016