General Counselling

When is it?

General counselling services take place Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM—4:00 PM.

Who is it for?

We offer general and supportive counselling for a variety of non-clinical issues, including: anger, mild depression, goal setting, and stress management. Counselling services at CFEC focus on prevention and early intervention.

Conflict counselling is offered for couples, families, friends, or even co-workers who would like to improve their relationships through healthier communication, improved boundaries, and conflict resolution.

What happens?

Once you have made an initial request for services, our intake worker will contact you within 10 business days to set-up an intake appointment. This information is used to determine which counsellor is most appropriate for what you are looking for. Following this, the counsellor assigned to your case will contact you over telephone or email to schedule your first appointment. If you have not heard back from anyone in a timely manner, please do not hesitate to follow-up yourself.

Appointments are usually 50 minutes in length. You can typically expect to see your counsellor on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Our counsellors are trained in a variety of therapeutic approaches, and they will discuss with you which one best fits your particular situation. Appointments are usually in-office, but if this is not possible, please discuss this with the intake worker or your counsellor as we can also see people in a public setting or over Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or telephone.

Services are typically complete within 8 sessions.

Accessing Services

If you would like to learn how to access our services, or if you’re a professional seeking to make a referral, please visit our Access Services page.