Men's Personal and Relational Skills Group

When is it?

Times and dates vary for this program. Posters with precise details are typically released one month prior to the start of the program. If you are interested in a program and do not see an upcoming date, please call reception at CFEC to be placed on a call-list so we can notify you of when it will next be offered.

What happens?

This is a relaxed and comfortable opportunity for men of all ages to learn and discuss the challenges that often accompany anxiety and depression, including an exploration of some tools and strategies to explore these difficulties. Additionally, there is also a strong focus on learning to regulate emotions and improve relationships.

Upcoming Men's Personal and Relational Skills Group Sesions

Find information about upcoming course dates here.

No current listings. You may call CFEC at 250-395-5155 to be placed on a wait list for this course.

Accessing Services

If you would like to learn how to access our services, or if you’re a professional seeking to make a referral, please visit our Access Services page.